September 2023 Update

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NEW LSM Front Desk Phone Number

We have a new number!

Landline (same): 661-222-2239

NEW! Front Desk Cell (phone/text): 661-625-3556

NEW Music Classes Starting in 2 Weeks!

Private Lessons & Group Classes together in one program.

Individual Instruction allows students to improve their technical skills and musicality. Teachers customize an appropriate curriculum for each individual student to help them accomplish their musical interests and goals.

Group Classes complement individual instruction by covering more of the elements that can be taught and experienced in a group learning environment such as listening, reading and writing skills, music theory, and applying what is being learned in private lessons to an ensemble setting. This will also promote student collaborations, group work, ensemble playing, learning from piers, leadership and teaching experience for more advanced students, and it's really fun to learn and play music with friends!

As part of the Individual Instruction Music Program, Little School of Music is now offering Group Classes! Students enrolled in the LSM Levels Program (Individual Instruction) as of September 1st can check out as many classes as they’d like for FREE through October 2023.

This offer will NOT be extended, so SIGN UP NOW and save your place before the classes fill up!

After October, you may upgrade your current program to include group classes throughout the year. All enrolled students at Little School of Music will be upgraded as of August 2024. 

New enrolling students as of September 1st will be in this program so if you tell your friends about us, they will be attending weekly private lessons and group classes (tuition rates will reflect the new program).

Come in and ask Miss Mindy about getting an Exclusive VIP Pass for a friend to join you in a class for FREE too! While supplies last!

Save your spot now!

Current Class Listing

Below is a list of classes our teachers have designed to kick things off! Each listing is a set course with multiple classes students should plan to attend to get the full benefit from the planned curriculum. For example, if there are 4 classes, students should attend all 4 dates. Additional classes will be offered in the upcoming months.

All students enrolled in Individual Instruction are welcome to attend any of the classes (no instrument or level requirements to participate). Please talk with your teacher if you are undecided about which classes you may want to attend.

Music and Technology - with Steve Poloni

Group vs. Solo Performances - with Holly Knoch

What is Improvisation? - with Rich Brown

Songwriting Basics, Part 1 - with Justin Haase

Prominent Rhythms in Different Musical Styles, Part 1 - with Matt Fullove

Preparing for RCM Performance Exams - with Jean DeMart

Additional classes will be offered in the upcoming months.

Music Instructor Highlight: Steve Poloni

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Music Technology, and Production & Recording

Steve Poloni is a Canadian guitarist, composer, and educator living in Los Angeles, CA. He completed a Doctorate in Musical Arts from USC’s Thornton School of Music with a focus on Studio/Jazz Guitar, music technology, and film composition. He has over 15 years of private and group teaching experience across all age levels and genres of music. In addition to teaching, Steve also composes music for TV, film, and commercials, and actively writes for shows airing on the Discovery Channel, NBC, and ABC. In his spare time he loves anything to do with hockey (Go Kings!), and spoiling his two dogs Ringo and Bowie.

Steve will be teaching Individual Guitar, Ukulele, and Bass lessons as well as our new Music Technology and Production/Recording Classes at Little School of Music! If you are interested in setting something up, please let us know! 🎸

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly: Why group learning and individual lessons make a great combination

You could eat a plain peanut butter sandwich. You could eat a jelly sandwich. But something magical happens when the two distinct flavors combine—they make beautiful music together. The same goes for group learning (such as music classes and performance ensembles), and individual lessons. They complement each other.

Leadership Program

Goal-Setting is our Leadership principle for the month of September. Check out our website post and Youtube video here: Leadership Program - GOAL-SETTING

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves as something to aim at.”

- Bruce Lee

Leadership Spotlight: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakoff

By Josh Castillo, Little School of Music Associate Instructor

A leading musician who exceptionally modeled Goal-setting is the determined Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakoff.

Did you know?

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakoff...

  • Taught himself how to play multiple instruments, just so that he could know how to best compose music for each one

  • Edited and completed a number of compositions for a number of his fellow composers

  • Got a job at a music college even though he had very little formal music training (he studied super hard to learn what he needed to teach!)

But it didn't all happen overnight! The journey was real...

Hooray for Auto-Pay!

We are very excited to let you know we are moving to auto-pay through a new processor with no convenience fee! Using a bank card/account is preferred since LSM is charged for each transaction. (This would really help us out!)

We’d like to have everyone switched to auto-pay by October 1st.

All you need to do is make your next payment using the online payment form linked below and we’ll set up the rest from there.

Upcoming Dates

  • LSM Fall Recital Weekend - October 28th/29th (wear your costume!)

  • Thanksgiving Break - November 19th-26th (school closed)

  • LSM Winter Recital Weekend - December 9th/10th

  • Winter Break - December 17th-January 7th 2024 (school closed)

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